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ThisĀ toolkit is crafted to guide you towards self-discovery, relaxation, and empowerment. Rediscover your inner strength, overcome challenges, and foster a deep connection with your authentic self.

Dive deeper into yourself and discover your past life experiences, guides, and soul connections.

Want to cut down or eliminate sweets and refined sugar? I got you covered! The addictive properties of sugar make it incredibly difficult to give up on our own. But with this hypnotherapy course, and the power of your own mind, you'll be shocked at how much easier it will feel to finally get free from sugar!

Take your healing journey to deeper levels as you reconnect to your spirit, embrace your inner child and create loving, protective boundaries for your highest good.Ā 

Experience new deeper levels of inner peace, healing and whole being wellness. Release guilt and burdens from the past, restore your energy and renew the loving connection to your true self and your spirit. 

Amplify your natural ability to create your reality and make the impossible POSSIBLE with the Manifesting Maven Toolkit.

Included are three deep hypnosis journeys and bonus content to supercharge your manifesting power.

It's safe for you to let manifesting your desires feel easy and free!

Time to rewrite your money story, release the scarcity mindset, and become an energetic match with abundance so you can allow it to start flowing in effortlessly!

This toolkit is the perfect 'step one' for anyone feeling stuck and lacking motivation. Includes 3 digital hypnotherapy audios and 2 bonus content items focused on goal setting and motivation to help you clear your energy, find your motivation, and feel good again to move forward in your desires. Let's get you some momentum to achieve your desires! 

More Toolkits coming soon!


All my best digital hypnotherapy, right at your fingertips! With new digital hypnotherapy sessions added all the time, you'll have everything you need to feel empowered and achieve your biggest desires. Be sure to download the Kajabi App onto your device for easy access. To see my entire catalogue of digital hypnotherapy, CLICK HERE.

Have you had trouble making affirmations work for you in the past? Don't give up yet! I promise it's not you, it's them.

This guide teaches you how to use your unique subconscious language to create the perfect affirmations (that actually feel great) for your goals!

You've heard how important gratitude is, right? Just a 5-MINUTE daily gratitude practice can massively increase your long-term well-being and attract blessings faster than ever.

I designed a "5 Minute Daily Gratitude Practice" printable worksheet just for you, so there's NO reason why you cannot start improving life's moments (and your mindset)... today!

The Emotional Guidance Scale (EGS) follows the idea that our emotions are our energy, and the closer we are to joy + empowerment, the more "in the vortex" or in alignment we are, and the faster we can manifest our desires and improve our human experience. 

Dive into how to use this tool to climb the scale and get into the vortex, no matter where you started. 

I get a lot of questions all the time about how to phrase affirmations so that they get in deep! So I'm here to help you out with a very specific (and popular) need.

With this guide, you can literally start rewiring your mind to remember how worthy you are, and have always been.

This is all about keeping motivation when it feel really hard. It happens to the best of us!

For those moments, I've created a "Motivation Revival Cheat Sheet" to help you keep confidence in yours goals, stay focused, and keep the momentum toward wild success!

Ready for a manifesting hack?

This is one of the simplest ways to work with the Universe to attract your desires quick, and for that reason it has become one of my favorites! I show you exactly how to not only create a dream jar, but how to use it to achieve your goals in JUST 6 minutes a day! It's easy, it's fun, and it WORKS. Let's dive in!  

I love to weave this into my private practice to give my clients extra support, perspective, and guidance on their path in between sessions... Now I'm pulling cards just for YOU! No matter when you get to this reading, it's meant for you now. Let's see what the Universe has in store for you. 

GPS to Success

Have you ever had a desire that feels really exciting at first, but then you get bogged down and discouraged because you have no idea where or how to start? This is for you.

My "GPS To Success" guide sheds light on the best way to create the right success goals, and then helps you break it down into the steps needed to achieve them!

There's a lot packed into this one! In this 4 day member-exclusive streaming event, I'll teach you about the best way to detoxify your mindset, which will amplify your manifesting power! We start by going through how to create and state POTENT intentions, as well as easy ways to recognize + tune into your inner guidance. You'll also learn ways to begin to recognize and release your subconscious blocks, and embody your next-level. See you inside for all the good stuff!

Here's a simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session for drawing in more abundance. This EFT session is meant to bring you more clarity, clear any negative blocks to money, and give you a more positive mindset in attracting more money to you. Get ready to feel better and get into abundance flow!

Ready to feel more present, grateful, and connected? Get 30 days of super fun gratitude journal prompts to help you take control of your well-being and start to create a mindset and life that feels amazing, in just a few minutes a day. This member's-only content is designed to help you elevate your energy and boost your manifesting power! 

How are you spending your powerful thought energy? Want an easy way to use your power for the most good?

The 17 second method is the process of placing intentional focus on a thought or desire for just 17 seconds to activate the vibration of the thought/desire. Doing this 4x a day for a total of 68 seconds will create positive momentum and give it enough vibrational power to attract it to you faster.


These listen plans are curated one month-long paths to achieve deep, long lasting  transformation in any area of your life.

With paths for health, wellness, spirituality, success, love, abundance, and more, these audios are hand picked to offer the most potent inner shifts.

Take a look below to find the best path for you in this moment, knowing you are free to change your mind and switch to a new path anytime you wish! 

How to use: Pick a listen plan and spend one week listening to each audio. You may listen to an audio everyday or every other day. The bonus content can be completed anytime throughout the month. 

Where Would You Like To Start?

Next Level Embodiment
Next Level Embodiment: Pt. 2
Rewire Your Mind
Money Mindset
Reconnect to Self
Reconnect to Self: Pt. 2
Health + Fitness
Healing On All Levels
Manifestation + Mindfulness
Inner Peace
Love + Relationships


Take your progress even further and let your inner power show you what it can do!

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Changing habits or moving through blocks doesn't need to feel so hard... just trust the process and enjoy how good it feels to achieve more than you ever thought possible!

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Ready to rewrite your money story? Start calling in abundance now with this listen plan and start improving your energetic relationship with money. 

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Your relationship with yourself is the most important connection we have as humans. Use this listen plan to remember who you truly are, and fall back in love with your whole self.

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Continue your momentum and cultivate more self-love and empowerment. 

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Forget the guilt and toxic programming. Time to create whole-being harmony and harness your inner power to  create healthy habits that reflect how you truly desire to be!

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Whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing, this is the space to get the support and resources to get the relief you need. 

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Let what's weighing you down fall away and experience freedom!

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Let's call in your desires and begin getting the most value out of your little moments.

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Create a strong pillar of safety, connection, and support, no matter what's happening around you. 

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Call in your ideal mate or simply enhance another relationship in your life.

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More Listen Plans Coming Soon!

Not all of my audios are included in the Listen Plans... yet! 
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