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The Mindset Detox Digital Hypnosis Program

Ready to be FREE of the outdated subconscious “stuff” holding you back, and the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck?

Don't settle for what you've outgrown... Your mindset upgrade is waiting for you! 

This program includes the exact sessions I conduct with my clients in the beginning of their hypnosis programs... the transformations my clients experience are as close to magic as we get here on Earth, and now you get to experience it too— without the waitlist!

And you don't need to have previous experience with hypnosis, you just need to be READY for a major level-up!

The "Mindset Detox" program is designed to help you release what's holding you back, reconnect with your true self and purpose, AND gain the mindset tools to achieve your deepest desires.

Throughout these 4 weekly hypnosis sessions, & with the help of the weekly mindset homework tasks given, you'll re-discover your inner wisdom, step into your excellence, release limiting beliefs and establish new, success-driven thought patterns and programs that will get you to the next phase of your best life! 


Amelia R
Spiritual Worker
I immediately see the change in myself and life around me. I had no idea that I would see such phenomenal progress in such a short space of time. I know that I will never be the same moving forward from this transformative experience! I have unearthed deep levels of self-discovery, experienced profound visualisations and ultimately brought to light who I truly am inside.  
Sarah K
Nutrition Coach
I started with no prior experience with hypnosis, but I’m absolutely hooked now & have been shouting it from the rooftops. Her audios are amazing. I knew I was holding myself back from the businesses and life I truly wanted. Since then, I’ve identified some of the biggest blocks & have had mind-blowing breakthroughs. I feel so much more comfortable and at peace with growing my businesses in a way that finally feels in alignment for me. With the tools (like hypnosis audios!) provided, I feel so much more confident in being able to handle any future limiting beliefs and fears.  Instead of being panicked and worried about my life, I now feel calm and safe. The energy shift that has resulted has been nothing short of tremendous. Looking back on where I started, I feel like a different person.
Emily C
I just knew that I needed [Lynnsey’s] coaching, so I bought a pack of sessions, even though I wasn't sure that it would work and thought I would be absolutely unable to be hypnotized because I was a self-proclaimed "terrible visualizer." SO WORTH IT! Not only was I able to be hypnotized, but I had such powerful, vivid visualizations and I was completely shocked and amazed by the things that I uncovered in just 4 sessions. She took the time to really talk things through, both allaying my fears over how hypnosis works and exuding such a personable nature that I felt comfortable to share intimate details about my life, and was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to focus on at the time.

I have always dealt with some severe worthiness issues, and we worked a lot on that and the fears that stem from it. As I went through the sessions, and then back through the recordings as needed, I have found my confidence growing, and with it my ability to make decisions based on how I feel and what is TRUE, rather than on the fears and self-sabotaging stories that I so easily concoct. For example, I went from thinking that I was incapable of a romantic relationship to finding a man who so far seems perfect for me, almost immediately following a particularly eye-opening hypnosis session, and KNOWING that I did that for myself, through her guidance. It is amazing how powerful we all are, and Lynnsey helped me to tap into my power through hypnosis.

$888 USD

I acknowledge and agree that the major purpose of this hypnotherapy program is for vocational/avocational self-improvement only. 

I understand that there are no guarantees as to the results or progress to be made, and that due to the nature of this program, any fees or payments made towards this program are non-refundable.

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